BPA free sippy cups

Worried about the hazards of BPA and other chemicals that are in plastic that your sweet baby uses? Can’t stand the cheapness of plastic sippy cups, straw cups or bottles? Hate the way flavor lingers in a traditional plastic cup?

The lack of safe plastic free alternative options for our kids amazes me along with the hefty price tags that accompany a premium glass baby bottle brand.

Fret no more people!  Have I got a surprise for you! All you need are regular mouth mason jars, ( 8 ounce jelly jars are my favorites for the kids), glass baby bottle sleeves or those soda can sweat sleeves for drop protection, ( my preference, born free silicone sleeves and bottle insulator), mason tin straw lids and fat leak proof sippy silicone flip lock straws made by Munchkin. Have a child old enough to pour into his/her mouth with a regular cup and want to go straw free, try a mason jar sip lid.

Want to use these for baby bottles? No problem! Breastflow wide nipples and Tommy Tippee wide nipples work wonderfully with these mason jars with the metal rings.

The fun part is these aren’t just for kids! You can rock one of these when heading to work or take to your local coffee shop for your daily coffee fix, and if you need a travel cup for smoothies, pick up some regular fat straws without the spill proof function and a larger mason jar and you’re good to go! The best part is you can choose a great assortment of colors and decorations so everyone in your family has a personalized cup.

For around $30, you could have a large assortment sippy’s and baby bottles at your finger tips that last way past the toddler stage!

That’s it! It’s that simple and affordable!

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Childbirth : Epidural or Non Medicated

Hi readers! Lets discuss the awesome gruesomeness of beauty that is childbirth. You know those scenes on TV you see a moms water break then immediately rushed to the hospital and pops a baby out in a matter of minutes? Sounds familiar, right?! Total B.S! Only in a perfect world does that happen. Let me just comment, don’t get wheeled in stay standing as long as you can and walk your ass in. My husband is so sweet, and fought with me the whole way into the Delivery unit of our hospital for wanting to carry me in because they didn’t have any wheel chairs out front, face it dude you can’t carry my fat ass, and I’m not spending my last few hours without a kid seated. I put on about 60lbs during that pregnancy without even trying. lol!   I’m a stubborn woman and hated the idea of a hospital delivery, but I was classified a high risk pregnancy and needed an ER just in case things went south. Well glad he backed off because little did I know I was in for a 72 hour labor! I had been in active labor contracting consistently every 3-5 minutes for about a week and was in and out of the Dr. office to check for dilation 3 times that week and guess what people my water broke naturally and that was a huge burden off my shoulders, however I had to be admitted within two hours for vital checks on my unborn baby. Since being high risk and no dilation past 2cm I was given Pitocin to help dilate… No progress after 11 doses.  I held out for over 60 hours without an epidural in hopes of not needing a C-section . At that time I was required to sign forms every 12 hrs for my consent against Dr orders of a cesarean. Once I past that 60 hour mark, I ran out of time and actually lost a cm of dilation and had to get the epidural and prep for a C section. Ah the miracle that is the epidural gave me a 20 minute rest from the pain and ended up not masking any pain and then it caused numbing my legs making it almost impossible to turn for more effective pushing. I can’t say though that the epidural is a bad thing because once it was in I dilated to 10 in only a few hours. Down side???? 8 hours of pushing. Yup, 8 freaking hours of labor of love. Totally thought I was loosing my mind in that bed confined, hooked up to all sorts of IVs, heart monitors and a blood pressure cuff. I hated it. I’m glad the Drs. took all those precautions with my delivery because once that epidural was placed my son went into distress and couldn’t get proper air flow and needed manual turning he could have died without these security measures in place. Don’t think your experience will be so exhausting I was a rare case and had a second pregnancy and delivery so different that you would have thought I was a different person entirely.

Delivery number two was again a high risk but so much smoother. I went into labor after my water broke at home after a full night sleep while nursing my 22 month old while eating pancakes on the couch. Scared the heck out of my son since he thought I was dying, but damn I was stoked no complications or signs leading up to that point. Again 2 hours later I made it to the hospital over the moon happy with a stupid grin on my face thinking this is it, I’m getting my water birth/ natural delivery and have a a healthy new baby. I once again didn’t dilate, but this time i made it 24 hours until Pitocin was introduced. 9 hours later I was at 8 cm and could feel her push down towards the birthing canal, painful place to be in when you’re not dilated enough to push a full size baby out. Keep in mind I had no pain killers in my system. Dr, say ‘calm breaths you can wait another hour’. Um no thanks Doc., once he left the room I pushed for 20 minutes for some discomfort release and she was starting to crown. Hubby was shocked since the Dr. didn’t believe I’d force her out at 8cm, ran to get a nurse and she told me to stop and wait for the Dr.’, No way lady this S*** hurts. A few more pushes and she was out!

The point to this whole story is no matter what you’re told or what you chose for natural or medicated, nothing can be more wonderful and scary at the same time. I’d do either pregnancy and delivery all over again. Those were the most empowering moments of my life and the most beautiful. Childbirth shouldn’t be glorified one way or the other and needs more awareness that it isn’t as simplistic as our society makes it.

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Wipes from baby wash cloths

Any one here know what it’s like to have 50+ more baby wash cloths given to you as gifts and never once used more than 5?! I do! I personally hate returning items gifted to me from a loved one, so what to do with something you may never use? Re purpose it! Baby wash cloths are one of the softest things I think I have ever had the honor of bathing with and I wasn’t about the let those brand new unopened baby wash cloths go to waste. So, I got to thinking of other things I could use them for and a light bulb went off in my head, baby butt wipes!!! Yup you read that right! No more disposable baby wipes for diaper changes for us! The excellent part about this is I was able to control the washing product cleaning my babies bum and keep dangerous chemicals out of the ingredients! Plus when you do this you end up with a happier baby since no more diaper rash. The older they got the less wet wipes we needed, so I started using a spray bottle of the wipe solution with dry wipes to clean them up. I found doing this saved me some time prepping the wipes. Also it gave us the freedom to use for cleaning up dirt off their bodies from playing outside and not worrying about the wipes drying out. Another plus side to this is cleaning my pets footers before they run into my home and track mud everywhere.

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Cloth tissues out of old receiving blankets

Cotton and linen are among the leading materials in my children’s closet. One of the biggest things I found was how much space those receiving blankets took up once they were no longer needed. I kept needing to wash them to keep them from smelling funky from staying in the kids wooden dresser for months at a time. I hated that they just sat there and I wasn’t ready to let go of those precious memories just yet. So, what I decided to do was pick my favorites, 4 per child to keep whole and chopped up the rest into tissues. Turns out they are excellent for constant runny noses and aren’t as abrasive as the leading tissue brand, plus this means I won’t need to run to the store every few days when we run out of a box of store bought tissues when someone is sick or has bad allergies. Laundering them is not an issue either, I have a separate bin to keep used cloth tissues until laundry day and the toss them in with our towel load. Takes up barely any room at all and adds no extra time washing or drying than I currently do every week. People with little kids know runny noses are at constant flow during change of seasons and cold weather. Battling raw nose is no fun so save a nose and dresser space and make your own cloth tissues today!

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Hello All!

Today, I want to discuss breastfeeding and how I feel it is the right choice for my family. Lets start by me saying I had no idea on what the heck I was doing when I was pregnant with my first born, Xander. I knew I was planning on nursing him for an allotted time frame as it’s recommend in parenting magazines and books, what they don’t say is how hard it is, and yes sometimes painful. Breastfeeding became one of the most cherished memories of my life with my little ones but not without tons of bumps in the road. Nursing you’re first newborn takes stamina and drive of massive proportions! It can be painful from engorgement to cracked nipples and clogged milk ducts to mastitis. Here’s a bit more TMI, some of us make milk not just through our nipples but our areola as well. Yup, I’m that lucky mom that became a milk maid without the pay. The more I read up on the benefits of breastfeeding the less troublesome it became. I found you can fix a baby with colic by changing moms eating habits. Now, this took tons of work for me since my boy upchucked after every meal he nursed. He had issues gaining weight according to the Pediatrician so they had us do formula supplementing his nursing meals with of every brand and kind on the market, even prescription formula. Nothing worked until I found that being a mom has way more power than a Dr. when it comes to feeding my child and telling me formula is the way out actually made his problems way worse. He vomited more regularly, had a rashes on his tush and face constantly. Ah, being a mom is powerful and extremely terrifying. Once I concluded all my research on breast milk and how it changes from moms diet I ended up needing to cut all food from my diet except boiled chicken and brown rice for a few days then slowly incorporate new foods every few days. I found my son didn’t tolerate any cow dairy in any form along with broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach and breads. Yes, it seems like a lot of work on moms part to cut these things from her life for a short period of time, however the way I looked at it is a little trouble for me now no trouble for him, and he wins every time no question. The longer he nursed the healthier his cute baby body became. The longer he nursed the stronger his immune system became.  The longer I breast fed him the more I learned about the positives and they definitely outweigh the cons. A breast fed baby tends to have a healthier immune system, endocrine system which in today’s world is great since juvenile diabetes is on the rise,  lessened chances of ear infections ( ever had one? If not they hurt worse than anything and I have birthed a baby without drugs), healthier eyes, teeth and new studies suggest exclusively breast fed babies up to two years of age have a higher IQ. As you can see the list can go on forever. I continued to nurse until he was ready to self-wean and that was way past two, Xander con’d his way into another 15  months since his baby sister was born when he was 22 months old. LOL! Nursing hasn’t been easy but nothing can compare to the cuddle time you get with your new child. I chose not to nurse for me, but the health benefits it provides. I think everyone if they can try it for a week and slowly keep going until what is right for you. Formula isn’t our enemy so mommy wars need to stop that nonsense ASAP! I am proud that I followed though with nursing as long as I have because it has been a very long journey of 5 years non stop and I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Setting goals for a happy home

Hi All! Today I’d like to speak about setting a positive tone for building a happy family. Currently, I am trying to figure out strict rules that are easy for my 3 and 5 year old to follow. For example : no hitting, biting, angry screaming, taking toys from one another and many more along these lines. Let me start by saying this first, my kids act like twins and want to be around each other 24/7 and need two of everything so they can play nicely together. Now, if we don’t have two of something that is where we run into problems. I personally believe all siblings are like this when they are close in age (22 months apart) and not one child, parent or person is perfect ( at least that’s what I tell myself to not get too upset :P). My family is my world and I wouldn’t change it for anything! Now back to the kids fighting… how to make peace without bribery?!!?!?!? To a young child when someone hurts their feelings it makes the whole world seem unfair and unjust and this is not something I want my kids feeling in our family home. Most of the time all it takes is, my 5 year old boy, Xander to get to go on a field trip to the local fire station while I take her out to the park to play with kids her own age or have the neighbors kids over to play… Problem averted I thought! Ha nope, life isn’t that easy. Now our son is home being super excited and telling his little sister about being able to sit in the fire truck and she didn’t get to go because she isn’t old enough. Yes, what my son said was very true, but what he didn’t realize was very hurtful and caused a breakdown of epic proportions. Now, I think to myself what the heck do I do here? How do I get her to understand she can go next year with her new school friends when she starts TK? Well, I did just that and calmly held her while she was still having her meltdown until she felt safe and rational enough to start the discussion. In the end we all survived and Xander made an awesome memory and now Daphne gets something to look forward to and is asking a huge load of questions on how big the fire truck was, how tall the fire men and women were, and how they can’t wait to be that big to work at the fire station together, yes together! My kids may be a handful but I am honored to be here watching them grow every day.

Cloth diapering vs. Biodegradable diapering. Is it right for you?

Ah baby tush is one of the cutest things we can make and yet we cover it up with hideous non biodegradable diapers that last close to 100+ years in a land fill somewhere clogging up our environment.  I don’t know about you, but the idea of something my babies wear for only a few hours at a time and gets tossed out makes me sick. Lets estimate that a baby goes through 10 diapers a day for the first two months. 300 diapers. Now we move to the next 3-6 month stage of 8 diapers a day. 540 diapers. 6-12 months 6 diapers a day if lucky. 1080 diapers. Within that first year your baby has put in approximately 1920 diapers in a landfill and will last for at least a century.

The great news here is many, many, many advances have been made to make diapering more earth friendly and simplistic. Biodegradable diapers exist now and are killer adorable! There are many brands out on the market with excellent options. They are latex free, chlorine free, and plant based absorbents. Some are even flushable and almost all can be composted.  However, these diapers do come with a somewhat high price tags. I highly recommend those who choose these diapers to go generic since they work just a well.

Now, CLOTH DIAPERS! My favorite choice. Who doesn’t LOVE a cute fluffy baby butt???!!! There have been huge leaps and bounds in this area as well. You can still purchase the same foldable diapers with a waterproof cover as you could since the beginning of cloth diapering, however diaper pins are no longer needed. These types are wonderful for parents of newborns since they are best at avoiding leakage or to add absorbency to a toddlers potty training underwear for outings, naps and bedtime. They are way softer these days and even come fitted for weight of child. One of my favorite things about a pre fold diaper is once you no longer need them for a baby tush they are an excellent cleaning rag. Other options in the cloth department are All in one diapers that snap or velcro around the waist, elastic at the legs, waterproof lining and once its soiled toss into washing bin and grab a new one. This type is fantastic for outings or for sitters such as grandma that doesn’t want to mess with any difficult instructions. Another type of cloth diaper is called a pocket diaper which is a lot less material and easier to wash. These have a water proof shell as all cloth diapers above but you can choose the insert material. Options include, 100% cotton, bamboo, charcoal, fleece and microfiber. To avoid leaks for longer time frames I recommend bamboo or charcoal. Inserts can also be used inside diaper covers that use prefolds. When you do this you may use the cover numerous times while just changing out the insert until the cover starts stinking or gets dirty. This is a very cost effective option. Another excellent advantage to cloth are the styles! You can get designs for every season, have your baby name sewn own the tush, a sports team logo, really anything can go there and be freaking ADORABLE! There are options for every size baby from newborns with an umbilical cord fold to avoid irritation to older children with special needs.

Washing these diapers isn’t as much of a huge task as many people believe. Depending on the size of your washing machine you may need to do a load every 2 days or so, so that is something also to think about. All in one diapers take the longest to wash and dry. Pockets take less time but still more than prefolds with covers or inserts with covers. If time is of importance, covers with inserts or prefolds is an excellent option. You can wash twice as many diapers together to get a good cleaning and hang the waterproof cover to dry and the diapers will be done even quicker.


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