Box tops for education

Hi everyone!

You know those little squares on your cereal that say send to school so they  can get money so you go ahead and cut it out then they are put into a catch all drawer in the kitchen and forget about them until you add another one into that drawer? Ya I thought you did.  We all do it. And I am totally another mother that fully intends to send the kids to school with them and I always forget. Well I am here to tell you not to worry because I found a solution for all of us over tired parents and it will be right in plain sight 24/7.

Enter the $1.00 magnetic tin can with see through lid people usually use for sewing pins or poster pins.

As you can see with the dents and grease from kid hands, this thing has been getting a ton of use!

Now, time to clean out that catch all drawer or at least collect your box-tops.

***Make sure to get a holder with a magnet almost as large as the bottom of it or it may fall.  I know from experience when I had a tin filled with these and they ended up into the dirty dish water. LOL!


I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful for your everyday life!



Kid friendly booty wipes

Hi loves! Welcome back to my page! Today I would like to share with you all these all natural booty wipes that I made for my kiddos when they started toilet training. I hated the ones you buy at the store because they are all scented and have added chemicals to them, plus they are EXPENSIVE! This way I was able to alter what I knew were friendly ingredients for my kids skin, as they are stuck with my genes they became allergic to almost everything on the market. This recipe can be altered to go into a spray bottle accompanied with cloth wipes or standard toilet paper for easier diaper duty and parent to toddler tush wiping. More on that later.

First you get your ingredients,

1 air tight container that is easy to open for little hands

1 roll of good quality thick paper towels, if it seems extra long you may be able to get 3 sets of wipes out of it. Use a standard serrated knife to cut into the size you need for your container

1 cup of really warm water

2 TBS coconut oil

2 TBS all natural body wash

Next step will be to gently mix in the body wash and coconut oil in the cup of water, make sure the oil is 100% dissolved.

Place paper towels into the container, some choose to have them straight up into the container, if you choose this take out the roll as soon as you wet it so it doesn’t get stuck on some wipes.  I usually use this method but my kids tend to over use the wipes as they are still hard to tear apart. This time I chose to section the roll into thirds the cut that roll in half so I have flat wipes like a standard baby wipe. I’ll update on how this turns out this month.

Pour onto paper towels. When they are cool to the touch, lid it and they are ready to use.

Happy squishy tushy wiping!



Beverage bar

Hi loves!

I wanted to share with you a project I finished around the holidays and just now remembering to share it with you all!

As you know it is no secret that I harbor a deep love of my super small home, but hate clutter. Vertical space is used as a tool for those of us that live in small homes. Then an idea came to me, make use of the high cabinet space to counter ratio! Duh, why didn’t I come up with this idea 2 years ago when we purchased this home? Oh well, better late then never!

I personally have been in a mode to revamp old things and make them new, giving them new life and purpose that way I feel a sense of pride at my newly acquired item, recycle and keep it out of the landfill, and add a new skill in my tool box. Yes, you will catch me buying brand new things such as beds, couches and such but not much else.  I love to add love to every piece, making it a one of a kind item, which yes, takes time but makes it all worth it!

Here is how it went down!

A trip to many local Goodwill locations for supplies. When you do this you need to keep your mind open to any possible combinations of things.

My first piece of the beverage bar I saw months ago and had to have. It was an unfinished, American made, still in packaging pine heart shelf. I saw it and immediately purchased it without reservation. $3.99 for my first piece!

About 2 months later I picked up this piece and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

First, I made sure my idea would work.

And, it did with a few modifications it would work wonderfully!

Now, time to have some fun with the saw and chop off those feet!

I made sure to sweep up all the wood shavings for making a wood filler if I had any gaps, which of course I did, so that extra minute of time saved me from a run to the store!

Wood putty mixed with wood shavings= wood filler.

Next, I scuffed up the top of the bottom shelf where I was planning to glue the heart shelf onto. And because my cutting was not perfect with my hand saw I definitely needed that DIY wood filler, then let dry overnight.

The following morning my creation was dry and ready to sand. I used just a regular sanding sponge with each side had a different level of sanding ability.

Once the sanding was complete I wiped off all the dust and got to painting. I used a layering technique with many colors so I could accomplish a shabby chic look. And for this I decided to try out mixing different paints together to see what would happen. To my surprise it worked just fine! I started with adding lighter colors first then built on top of it.

This was a white wash I made for another project I had left over. FYI, using this old juice container worked amazingly!

First coat of color added to the white wash.

Second coat I added a lot more of the red.

Now it was time to play with adding black to the mixture.

Once I got this dry and made sure the color was covering everything I got to work sanding it down to reveal all the colors and added a few coats of lacquer and some really cute knobs.

Done! I absolutely love the outcome of this project! This works great for all our teas and coffee storage, I couldn’t have purchased something I love this much for all my needs!

Please comment down below and share your thoughts!




Kitchen cabinets get a mini makeover

Hi loves!

Welcome back! As you know I have a ton of house projects on my hands. This last week I was able to finish my kitchen cabinet hardware! I am so excited! With all the white going on mixed with these blue walls ( which also need to be patched and repainted from electrical work- project for another day) it just looks boring and bland. In all honesty, I do love my cabinets it was one of the pros of buying this home. I am so excited to share that they little makeover is just another step towards the end goal I have in mind, charming cottage farmhouse with a touch of eclectic style!

Funny thing, don’t spray paint or paint anything in wet weather, it takes forever to dry and clumps if you are not careful! Due to an unexpected weather storm, this project took me almost 6 days! LOL! I guess lesson learned. Good thing I have many things on my plate or I would have gone crazy! Opening all my drawers, pull out pantry and cabinets with out the pulls was irritating. :’) Anyways, I absolutely love have they turned out and only time will tell how they hold up to everyday use.

Here is how I did this project for 20 bucks!

I bought 2 cans of Rustoleum burnished Amber and had a half used can of Rustoleum clear enamel and disposable gloves.

Step 1- remove all hardware


Step 2- scrub all that grease build up off, Dawn blue works wonders. No lotion formulas!

Step 3- wipe down with vinegar





Step 4- air dry

Step 5- sand off top coating with a sponge or steal wool.


Step 6-wipe dust off

Step 7- wipe down with vinegar again. We need to make sure nothing is left of the hardware or it will peel.

Step 8- air dry

Step 9- screwed them into a spare piece of cardboard to keep them upright


Step 10- start spray painting, one coat at a time, you do not want to rush this. I probably did 8-10 coats of color and 4 coats of the enamel.






Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Rainbow- such a chill kitty!

Here I want to showcase Rainbow Rose. She is one of the most chill cats known to mankind! I’m totally serious! She loves walks with her harness on, car ride and lots of love, oh and I can’t forget she loves anything she can lay on or inside, her policy, if my butt fits I sit and therefore it’s mine <3


Brothers new bed is memory foam and sooooo comfy!

Chasing butterflies

Why does that feel good to her face? Sooo weird. lol!

Her new favorite hiding spot, on top of the fridge

Daphne wanted her to turn into a mermaid so she gave Rainbow Ariels pendant. Such a patient kitty!

I honestly do not think this looks comfy, her legs have to spill outwards to fit.

Big box! what are these plates doing in my newly discovered spot?

Thanks for the Amazon box mom, you can just toss that new water fountain

Daphne treats her like a toy and she doesn’t mind a bit. Daphne will even put a fake baby bottle to her mouth and allows such a monstrosity. lol!


Laying in the middle of the room. She does this every time we come in from a walk.

Ooooohhhh Pop-Pop gave me new boxes!

Mine! So warm and cozy!


Is it me or does she have a kitty in her back markings?

Dishes time! yummmm!

Owning the world after a jaunt outside with the kids <3

She seriously saw this when Daphne’s uncle gave it to her for her 4th birthday and jumped into it before Daphne had a chance to try it out.


Helping water the new trees in the back

Wait is that a squirrel in my yard?!

Rainbows first birthday

loving window time

trampoline a great place to get out of the hot summer sun

My two favorite girls! Rainbow is so amazing with Daphne’s affections

Caught a catfish!

Projects, projects, projects!

Hi fellow Loves!

Wow, it has been very hectic around my house and had very little time to write! Thankfully, I have a spare moment now to fill you in on my latest DIY projects! I have soooo many photos to show off too! As I mentioned before, My husband and I purchased an old 1960s fixer upper of only 888 sq ft, (I absolutely LOVE), which means it  always seems messy since its hard to hide kids bulky toys and small feet killers i.e. Legos without effecting the flow of the home. I never rest since I am constantly trying to make modern life work in such a small space. Each project will have its own blog with photos and there will be many more to come since we are far from done with turning this house into our home.

First up, a space for our computers. What was originally a very poorly made hole in the wall closet of 6 colors and smelled like someone or something died in it, was transformed into a decent office space.

Second, starting the re-arrangement of our kitchen appliances and cabinets. Our fridge was extremely outdated and on the wrong side of the kitchen for a fridge with a water and ice feature, so we bought a new one and moved everything around. The dishwasher that came with our home worked but never got anything clean so we tossed it and traded it for hand washing everything until we could afford a new one. This worked out great actually as we had to move the dishwasher any since it was in the spot the fridge was going to be and it didn’t match the decor theme I am going for. I love the look of warm and cozy cottage feel with an eclectic vibe so one finger print easy to smudge stainless steel dishwasher was not a loss in my book. About 3 or 4 months later I was able to get a new white energy efficient sleek dishwasher that matched my brand new fridge. I was able to find the cutest dishwasher magnet on Amazon with beautiful humming birds and a spin clear clean/dirty sign to complete that part of the kitchen. Next big task in the kitchen will be to rearrange the stove with hood, pantry and a set of cabinets with counter top around for better flow. Once that is all complete I will work on a back splash to complete the hard but rewarding manual labor.

Third, kitty corner. I bought a small old oak hutch turned it on its side, added 2 doors with an open panel to add metal mesh screening with decorative fabric an a carpet climbing wall. This has turned out to be one of the best ideas I have had in a while! It is a nice retreat for my cat to get away from the kids when she feels over stimulated and a safe place to keep her when we are not home or running in and out of the house without her running into traffic. This is a project that is not complete yet as it isn’t painted but it is functional and that makes me very happy!

Fourth, a coffee/beverage station from two thrift store finds, chopped up and pieced together then painted.

Fifth, a gifted 80s china hutch. It was a hand me down from my parents so I decided to keep it and turned it into entertainment center. And when that was completed we felt we deserved a new living room TV so we went out and bought one!

Sixth, cabinetry hardware. I decided the white cabinets were too much with the white handles to match so I DIY’d the current ones to give the kitchen a bit more farmhouse feel. These have not been installed back into the home yet, but should be finished curing in the next 24 hrs.

Well, that is about it. I’m looking forward to getting more time on here as I will be sharing and reviewing all the products I use for my projects, natural heath remedies for my own health problems and my DIY beauty care products. Thanks for stopping by!

Ta Ta for now!

BPA free sippy cups

Worried about the hazards of BPA and other chemicals that are in plastic that your sweet baby uses? Can’t stand the cheapness of plastic sippy cups, straw cups or bottles? Hate the way flavor lingers in a traditional plastic cup?

The lack of safe plastic free alternative options for our kids amazes me along with the hefty price tags that accompany a premium glass baby bottle brand.

Fret no more people!  Have I got a surprise for you! All you need are regular mouth mason jars, ( 8 ounce jelly jars are my favorites for the kids), glass baby bottle sleeves or those soda can sweat sleeves for drop protection, ( my preference, born free silicone sleeves and bottle insulator), mason tin straw lids and fat leak proof sippy silicone flip lock straws made by Munchkin. Have a child old enough to pour into his/her mouth with a regular cup and want to go straw free, try a mason jar sip lid.

Want to use these for baby bottles? No problem! Breastflow wide nipples and Tommy Tippee wide nipples work wonderfully with these mason jars with the metal rings.

The fun part is these aren’t just for kids! You can rock one of these when heading to work or take to your local coffee shop for your daily coffee fix, and if you need a travel cup for smoothies, pick up some regular fat straws without the spill proof function and a larger mason jar and you’re good to go! The best part is you can choose a great assortment of colors and decorations so everyone in your family has a personalized cup.

For around $30, you could have a large assortment sippy’s and baby bottles at your finger tips that last way past the toddler stage!

That’s it! It’s that simple and affordable!

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Childbirth : Epidural or Non Medicated

Hi readers! Lets discuss the awesome gruesomeness of beauty that is childbirth. You know those scenes on TV you see a moms water break then immediately rushed to the hospital and pops a baby out in a matter of minutes? Sounds familiar, right?! Total B.S! Only in a perfect world does that happen. Let me just comment, don’t get wheeled in stay standing as long as you can and walk your ass in. My husband is so sweet, and fought with me the whole way into the Delivery unit of our hospital for wanting to carry me in because they didn’t have any wheel chairs out front, face it dude you can’t carry my fat ass, and I’m not spending my last few hours without a kid seated. I put on about 60lbs during that pregnancy without even trying. lol!   I’m a stubborn woman and hated the idea of a hospital delivery, but I was classified a high risk pregnancy and needed an ER just in case things went south. Well glad he backed off because little did I know I was in for a 72 hour labor! I had been in active labor contracting consistently every 3-5 minutes for about a week and was in and out of the Dr. office to check for dilation 3 times that week and guess what people my water broke naturally and that was a huge burden off my shoulders, however I had to be admitted within two hours for vital checks on my unborn baby. Since being high risk and no dilation past 2cm I was given Pitocin to help dilate… No progress after 11 doses.  I held out for over 60 hours without an epidural in hopes of not needing a C-section . At that time I was required to sign forms every 12 hrs for my consent against Dr orders of a cesarean. Once I past that 60 hour mark, I ran out of time and actually lost a cm of dilation and had to get the epidural and prep for a C section. Ah the miracle that is the epidural gave me a 20 minute rest from the pain and ended up not masking any pain and then it caused numbing my legs making it almost impossible to turn for more effective pushing. I can’t say though that the epidural is a bad thing because once it was in I dilated to 10 in only a few hours. Down side???? 8 hours of pushing. Yup, 8 freaking hours of labor of love. Totally thought I was loosing my mind in that bed confined, hooked up to all sorts of IVs, heart monitors and a blood pressure cuff. I hated it. I’m glad the Drs. took all those precautions with my delivery because once that epidural was placed my son went into distress and couldn’t get proper air flow and needed manual turning he could have died without these security measures in place. Don’t think your experience will be so exhausting I was a rare case and had a second pregnancy and delivery so different that you would have thought I was a different person entirely.

Delivery number two was again a high risk but so much smoother. I went into labor after my water broke at home after a full night sleep while nursing my 22 month old while eating pancakes on the couch. Scared the heck out of my son since he thought I was dying, but damn I was stoked no complications or signs leading up to that point. Again 2 hours later I made it to the hospital over the moon happy with a stupid grin on my face thinking this is it, I’m getting my water birth/ natural delivery and have a a healthy new baby. I once again didn’t dilate, but this time i made it 24 hours until Pitocin was introduced. 9 hours later I was at 8 cm and could feel her push down towards the birthing canal, painful place to be in when you’re not dilated enough to push a full size baby out. Keep in mind I had no pain killers in my system. Dr, say ‘calm breaths you can wait another hour’. Um no thanks Doc., once he left the room I pushed for 20 minutes for some discomfort release and she was starting to crown. Hubby was shocked since the Dr. didn’t believe I’d force her out at 8cm, ran to get a nurse and she told me to stop and wait for the Dr.’, No way lady this S*** hurts. A few more pushes and she was out!

The point to this whole story is no matter what you’re told or what you chose for natural or medicated, nothing can be more wonderful and scary at the same time. I’d do either pregnancy and delivery all over again. Those were the most empowering moments of my life and the most beautiful. Childbirth shouldn’t be glorified one way or the other and needs more awareness that it isn’t as simplistic as our society makes it.

Share your story with us down in the comment section!

Wipes from baby wash cloths

Any one here know what it’s like to have 50+ more baby wash cloths given to you as gifts and never once used more than 5?! I do! I personally hate returning items gifted to me from a loved one, so what to do with something you may never use? Re purpose it! Baby wash cloths are one of the softest things I think I have ever had the honor of bathing with and I wasn’t about the let those brand new unopened baby wash cloths go to waste. So, I got to thinking of other things I could use them for and a light bulb went off in my head, baby butt wipes!!! Yup you read that right! No more disposable baby wipes for diaper changes for us! The excellent part about this is I was able to control the washing product cleaning my babies bum and keep dangerous chemicals out of the ingredients! Plus when you do this you end up with a happier baby since no more diaper rash. The older they got the less wet wipes we needed, so I started using a spray bottle of the wipe solution with dry wipes to clean them up. I found doing this saved me some time prepping the wipes. Also it gave us the freedom to use for cleaning up dirt off their bodies from playing outside and not worrying about the wipes drying out. Another plus side to this is cleaning my pets footers before they run into my home and track mud everywhere.

Let me know how your wipe projects turned out in the comment section below!

Cloth tissues out of old receiving blankets

Cotton and linen are among the leading materials in my children’s closet. One of the biggest things I found was how much space those receiving blankets took up once they were no longer needed. I kept needing to wash them to keep them from smelling funky from staying in the kids wooden dresser for months at a time. I hated that they just sat there and I wasn’t ready to let go of those precious memories just yet. So, what I decided to do was pick my favorites, 4 per child to keep whole and chopped up the rest into tissues. Turns out they are excellent for constant runny noses and aren’t as abrasive as the leading tissue brand, plus this means I won’t need to run to the store every few days when we run out of a box of store bought tissues when someone is sick or has bad allergies. Laundering them is not an issue either, I have a separate bin to keep used cloth tissues until laundry day and the toss them in with our towel load. Takes up barely any room at all and adds no extra time washing or drying than I currently do every week. People with little kids know runny noses are at constant flow during change of seasons and cold weather. Battling raw nose is no fun so save a nose and dresser space and make your own cloth tissues today!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know how yours turned out!